Tips For Running Your Business From Home

Today, working from home is nothing out of the ordinary. 

Since the rapid evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to switch up their operations and tackle a new lifestyle of working from home. Although many people were quick to embrace this new work practice, merging work and personal life can evolve into its own set of challenges. 

Whether you’re a designer, a fashion blogger or a shop owner, these tips will help you avoid stress and learn to unplug for a healthier, happier work environment. 

Create a schedule

Get organized and plan out your day with a schedule of all the tasks that need to be completed before the workday is done. Having a schedule is a great way to start the day on a positive note, helping you feel more accomplished and productive. 

For us, Sunday’s are the prime evening to collect our thoughts and jot down what needs to be completed on the first workday. For many, Monday’s can be overwhelming as work builds up over the weekend, so take the time on your relaxing Sunday to reflect on the week ahead and the priorities you should be setting for your first day back. 

Get dressed for the day 

When you work from home, it can be easy to throw on your sweats or work from the comfort of your pyjamas. However, this can actually be counterproductive to your workday.

Regardless if you have plans to meet up with coworkers or stay at home by yourself, taking a shower and getting dressed at the start of the day can actually make you feel more accomplished and provide a fresh, revitalizing start to your day.  

Pro tip: If you find you feel uninspired or lazy in the mornings, try setting out an outfit the night prior along with a motivating note.

Have a dedicated workspace

When it comes to running your business from home, one of the biggest challenges is separating work life and personal life. It can be easy to stay plugged in all night and run yourself down. 

For us, one of the biggest ways to improve productivity and separate your work and personal life is by setting up a dedicated workspace in your house. This space can be your kitchen table, living room, or your basement, wherever you choose, we urge you to stay clear of your bedroom so you aren’t tempted by your bed or other overt distractions. 

Take breaks

Regardless if you are working from home or the office, breaks are a critical component of sustaining your brainpower throughout the day. 

For our personal workday, we like setting up 2-3 breaks, one that is around 30-45 minutes and then two that are 15-20 minutes. This allows us to get up, stretch our bodies, drink some water, and maybe even go for a quick walk. However, you choose to spend your workday, setting time aside to clear your head can help keep your mind sharp throughout the day and your creative juices flowing. 

Pro tip: When you’re creating your schedule the night before, remember to set start and end times for your breaks. This ensures you aren’t over or under-doing it and you’re staying as productive as possible.

Remember to sign out for the day

As previously mentioned, clocking out for the day is vital to not only build momentum throughout the week but also to stay sane as you continue to work from home. In the end, we all want to stay happy and healthy in our work environment, and logging out plays an integral part in that.

Whether you have the same clock out time every day, or you jot down your shift end time in your schedule, we encourage you to write it down, so you always have a consistent visual reminder.

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